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In the more modern day ColdFusion development, we tend to rely heavily on various Design Patterns to automate or "template" our daily coding chores. The patterns most frequently touched on are the Data Access Objects (DAO), DataGateway (DG) and VO (Value Object) ­ or ­ Bean (VO with setter/getter routines). I've often used them, but can't but help get the feeling that they are probably not suited for the ColdFusion Development world as to me; their reasons for being used aren't valid enough to warrant using them blindly. I mean, why Use a DAO? I'll attack DAOs first, as these are one of the core primitives found in most frameworks. The concept of a DAO is as most already know, to allow the four key actions to take place (CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE, READ). In doing this, along the way we are supposed to accept "arguments" of each specific type (i.e., CustomerID is Nume... (more)

"RIA" vs "Rich Client Platform": The Term Is Now Up for Debate

Scott Barnes' Blog 'RIA' is slowly fading in terms of its definition. When I first started the RIA Evangelism role in Microsoft, I had this nagging feeling that the term RIA was just all over the place. Depending on which technology you are backing and which stream of alliance you uphold, the truth is the term was destined to be abused before it really took off. I even tried to provoke conversation around it, by waving a big red flag and saying "Microsoft is about to use Rich Interactive not Rich Internet Application, debate me on it". Oh they debated me on it and lots of it, as ... (more)

It's Time to Flex My Zorn: Flex 2.0 & Flex Builder 2

In the early days of Flex beta (Royale), we were shown a fantastic new product that would allow folks to write rich User Interface (UI) designs via an XML style solution, named MXML. Flex is a product that sits in your presentation tier, it's not a "server-side" solution; it's a dream product, as it now fully gives the average web developer the total power they need to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) without having to worry about complex things such as "timelines" (which catches many traditional programmers by surprise). Flex also brings balance to the force, in that it a... (more)

AJAX RIA News - Silverlight Hits Its First Birthday

Scott Barnes' Blog: The Mossy Blog It was in April 2007 we launched Silverlight 1.0, and it's now May 2008 and we're already looking forward to a v2 release (exciting amount of great features). It personally feels like the 1.0 launch was 2-3 years ago, but it's kind of surreal to think that Silverlight has really only just hit its first birthday! (not only did the baby mature fast, but it's gained many fans along the way!) When you look back at the last fiscal year, it's actually quite an amazing amount of success that has taken place. Not bad for a technology that started out wi... (more)